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J&P Asset Management, Inc.

Full-Service Hospitality Business Management

J&P is a full-service hospitality management company, with an established, top-performing leadership team supporting a variety of extended-stay brands. We provide opening services, training, and development plus full-service accounting. J&P also enjoys excellent relationships with a wide network of talented consultants, enabling J&P to nimbly bring in additional resources as needed to ensure maximum success.

Turnaround Experts

J&P is driven to deliver top financial returns. We can help struggling companies overcome hurdles with our highly successful and repeatable Revenue Management and efficient operating techniques to optimize your business.


J&P can provide expert advice in hospitality management. We pull from our niche experience, industry understanding, and problem-solving abilities to offer valuable advice to our owners.

Training & Development

We deliver hands-on training of property staff to ensure both the quality and efficiency of our unique operating procedures and revenue generating.

Brand Transitions

From rebranding a hotel to launching a new brand, having the right team and repeatable well designed programs and procedures in place makes all the difference and J&P does just that to ensure your hotel’s long-term success.

Full-Service Accounting

Our expert Finance and Accounting team specializes in supporting hotel and owner financial needs for all entity types. We provide P&Ls, Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheets, Payroll forecasting and reporting, pay mortgages, and real estate taxes, as needed.

Development Oversight

J&P’s skilled team can provide all aspects of the development process. We focus on providing the most cost-effective solutions for our owners to ensure investment delivery goals.

Opening Services

J&P will take care of all opening needs including:

  • Budget
  • Hire & train team members
  • Obtain the required licenses, insurance, and permits
  • Compliance with franchise and services
  • Sales & marketing
  • Establish rates
  • System training
  • Vendor partnerships
  • Purchase inventory and supplies
  • Financial services



PO Box 29111
Cleveland, Ohio 44129